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Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle clips you wear at a time

The Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle Clips allow you to optimize muscle function and balance while you go about your daily life at work, school, or at home. If you aren’t sure how many clips you should wear at once, here’s a brief guide to when you should wear one, two, or three.

  • One clip—We recommend wearing one Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle clip when you do light physical activity. For example, you may want to wear one clip as you do chores around the house, like sweeping, vacuuming, gardening, or any other activity that requires mild exertion.
  • Two clips—When you perform moderate activity, we suggest wearing two Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle Clips. For instance, you should wear two clips when you go on a walk through your neighborhood, run errands, walk your dog, or do anything else that requires you to be up and continually walking around.
  • Three clips—Reserve wearing three Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle clips for when you perform vigorous physical activity. For example, wear three clips if you plan to go on a run, participate in a competitive sport, or take a spin class at the gym.

No matter how many Neuro Connect™ Lifestyle clips you wear at a time, even wearing just one can help you enhance your balance, stability, and muscle control. As you start wearing your clips, you’ll notice a difference in your performance and become better able to recognize which activities could benefit from just one clip or all three.