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NeuroReset devices available today

To understand how NeuroReset devices work, you first need to know what goes into the proper function of joints and muscles. To put it simply, a series of nerve receptors embedded in our joints and muscles should constantly communicate with the brain. These receptors actively measure how much movement occurs in our joints in conjunction with the stretching of our muscles, skin, and ligaments.

When the brain receives sensory input from these nerve receptors, it will usually send messages back to the muscles. In turn, this information controls how our joints move. This process is supposed to work flawlessly, but many external factors, such as age, health, and fitness level, can impact how well the brain and nerve receptors throughout our body communicate.

When worn, NeuroReset devices carry a subtle energy pattern that bridges any gaps between the sensory nerve receptors and the brain for improved communication. When these communication pathways are optimized, the joints and muscles function better for improved strength, balance, and control.

NeuroReset devices can be used for nearly any activity or sport by both the young and old to perform optimally and avoid injury. For example, you may benefit from wearing one of these devices when out walking, gardening, working out, playing golf, or playing a competitive, vigorous sport.

Try one of the NeuroReset devices available today and notice what a difference they can make in the function of your muscles and joints. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!