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immediately improve balance for greater overall stability

Losing a sense of stability is a gradual process as we age, and for the elderly in particular, loss of balance can have detrimental effects in the event of a fall. Not only can an enhanced sense of balance protect you from future falls, but it can also result in fewer injuries, greater mobility, and a greater capacity to build overall fitness. To improve balance and gain these benefits, try some of these simple strategies:

•   Stand on one leg—This simple, tried-and-true method to improve your balance can be done anywhere. For example, as you do dishes at the sink, lift one foot off the floor and keep working like this for 30 seconds. Then, switch to the other side.

•   Walk heel to toe – While this may sound like a field sobriety test, it can really help you improve balance when done with regularity. In a straight line, take 20 steps forward walking heel to toe. Then, do the same thing going backwards while following the same path.

•   Get enough sleep – If you don’t already get at least seven hours of rest every night, make an effort to get a few more “ZZZs” every night. Studies show that those who are sleep deprived have slower reaction times and may be more likely to fall.

•   Try Neuro Connect™ Balance clips—Infused with a subtle energy pattern, these clips simply and easily attach to the front midline of your shirt or to the back of the collar. Designed for use among the young and old, these devices can almost immediately improve balance for greater overall stability.