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NeuroConnect™ Reviews

Marked improvement in my balance

Roughly five months ago, I fell and suffered some head trauma, which left me with a balance problem and the inability to bend over without feeling lightheaded. My chiropractor directed me to Dr. Mark Metus, as she felt he may be able to help by utilizing the Neuro Connect clips. Being a total skeptic but curious, I made an appointment to meet him. Dr. Metus performed several muscle and balance tests without the clips, which indicated my problems. He then applied the three clips, one to the front upper area and one to each side of the ankle, and then repeated the tests. There was such a marked improvement in my balance that I immediately became a believer. I have worn them daily for several months and find that they still alleviate my problem with balance and especially when bending over. The science behind these clips is beyond my understanding, but I would recommend to anyone with similar problems to certainly give Dr. Metus a call and try them.

John Robson, Collingwood
July 2018

Golfer has Positive Experience with Neuro Connect

Hi Julie, It was nice to speak with you this week in Dr. Metus’s office this week. I am a 69 year old healthy male who has played golf for over 55 years. My experience with Neuroreset has been nothing but positive. I am hitting longer and straighter shots and putting the lights out. I’m no scientist and I don’t know how it works, I only know that it does work and I will continue using the product and having a great time enjoying my golf game.

David H. (69 years old)
July 2018

My Neuro Connect Balance Clip Works!

I purchased the Neuro Connect Balance clip and would hate to be without it. I saw the clips on the Dragon’s Den program. I went online and ordered it immediately. There is Absolutely no question in my mind that this product does what it says it does.

Patricia L.
May 2018

My Neuro Connect clips work, keep up the good work!

I just want to say I saw the piece on Marketplace after I have been wearing my clips for several months. So I STOPPED using them for about 2 weeks. Well there IS a difference from the day I started wearing them faithfully again. We walked the Toronto Home Show for 4 hours I did not have to stop and sit once. So to those testers on Marketplace shame on you for trying to bring down a useful product. This will be my first golf season with the clips and I can NOT wait. Keep up the good work.

Mark F.
March 2018

Positive difference in my balance and overall maneuverability

I was introduced to the NeuroConnect One by a friend of mine. When she told me about it I was instantly skeptical. After trying it for a few days I did notice a positive difference in my balance and overall maneuverability. I would recommend this product.

Jay G. (57 year old)
March 2018

I recommend Neuro Connect to everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I’ve been a nurse for thirty-two years. I met Mark at the Zoomer show in Toronto. Mark demonstrated his product to me and told me to try it and see if it helped me. All I can say is wow! I can’t say if it’s helped anyone else but boy have I seen a big difference in me. I have more energy at work. I don’t know how it works but it does. Thank you Mark you’ve helped my life, your product is fantastic. I know it has made my life a lot better and easier. I recommend this product to everyone.

February 2018

Wear the clips and I feel they help

I saw your segment on Dragons Den, and ordered your product right after the show. Wear the clips and I feel they help. Also saw market place about your product, all I can say is I believe they are a benefit to me.

Joe W.
February 2018

Less issues and more energy

I’ve been using the Lifestyle clips for about 3 months now. I find they are helping me on a daily basis. Wearing them hiking and doing outdoor activities has been great. Less issues and more energy. Great news for me.

February 2018

I am walking now!

Neuro Connect, I received the cancellation of my order for the golf clips and was so disappointed. I have a set of the three clips and the first day I wore them, I felt a benefit. I thought this is all in my mind but it isn’t. I am 92 years old. I am walking well now. I was hoping to get the golf clips for my son who runs half marathons and plays golf twice a week or more. He is 69 years old. You had to cancel the order for the clips but wondered if I can still order the bands for the golf clubs? Also could the regular clips which I have be used by a golfer without the fourth one to go onto the putter? I have just printed off the information regarding MarketPlace. I used to believe in that show but was appalled at all the wrong information. I certainly hope things work out for NeuroReset as I am so happy to use a product that does not require taking pills.

Jessie P.
January 2018

You have to try it to believe it

I could not carry anything and walk at the same time.
A friend gave me one of these to try and almost instantly I felt more confident and stable. I am able to pick up things without losing my balance and the best part is that I can carry boxes and walk at the same time.
I definitely recommend this product.

Bob Mason