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wear your Neuro Connect™ Balance Clip

A single device worn on the midline of the body, Neuro Connect™ Balance Clip can simply be clipped to the front of your shirt or blouse for improved balance and stability. Several studies have shown this device can improve balance among the young and old, so if you have thought about trying it for yourself, here are four situations in which it can help you in your daily life:

1.  Working out—Have a yoga, spin, or kickboxing class on your agenda? Are you planning to take a run through the park? Whatever exercise plans you have, the Neuro Connect™ Balance Clip can be worn on your clothes almost unnoticeably and help you stay focused and balanced throughout your workout, reducing your chance of injury.

2.  Chores around the house—Gardening, scrubbing your bathrooms, and vacuuming are all activities that require plenty of movement. Wearing the Neuro Connect™ Balance Clip helps you keep your muscles aligned and balanced as you go about every chore.

3.  Running errands—Walking in and out of stores and through parking lots means there are tripping hazards at multiple points. With the Neuro Connect™ balance clip, you can enhance your balance and reduce chances of a hazardous (and embarrassing) fall.

4.  Exploring the outdoors—There is nothing like a walk through a nearby forest or an adventurous hike through the mountains. As you explore the great outdoors, wear your Neuro Connect™ Balance Clip to prevent slipups and falls as you amble around rocks and peruse new trails.