Balance and Stability Enhancement

  • Neuro Connect™ Balance is a single device that is worn on the midline of the body.
  • It can simply be clipped to the front of a shirt or blouse.
  • Neuro Connect™ Balance devices were developed by Dr. Mark Metus, a chiropractor in Collingwood ON, and a team of physicists. The physicists infuse a subtle energy pattern into the devices which may help improve ability to balance in both young and old.

All in ONE!

Neuro Connect™ ONE Clip – Muscle and Joint

Wearing Neuro Connect™ ONE device:

  • Neuro Connect™ technology optimizes muscle and joint function.
  • May help improve your ability to balance, control movement and maintain strength.
  • Neuro Connect™ clip is to be worn on the front midline of the body.

Sport Enhancement

Neuro Connect™ INFUSED Shaft Bands

  • Optimize the function of your core muscles and joint function involved in the golf swing
  • Improve balance, rhythm, and strength
  • Improve your biomechanics

Get the most out of your game!

Also great for Baseball, Skiing, Tennis and Archery.

LifeStyle Enhancement

Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle Clips – Muscle and Joint

Wearing Neuro Connect™ LifeStyle devices:

  • May help to optimize muscle and joint function and improve your balance
  • Lessen the likelihood of injury caused by the incorrect use of muscles and joints while gardening, sport activities, or at work to get you back to doing what you want to do!
  • Can be worn as a single clip or as a set of 3 while doing vigorous activities


Cell Phone EMF Protection

Neuro Connect™ CELL

Fit your cell phone or tablet with a Neuro Connect EMF protection device.

Easy to apply to Cell Phones and iPads

Infused Shaft Bands

Not only does Neuro Connect save me money but my back (knock-on-wood) has never been in better shape.

Greg Salazar

Salazar Golf Academy